When something is vital, it is imperative.
It is life giving. It matters.

When we create a positive shift,
it opens up new opportunities,
new outcomes, and transformation.

Vital Shift Consulting

Welcome to Vital Shift Consulting. We provide customized programs and training to organizational clients in diversity, inclusion, leadership and transformation. We also provide life coaching and conscious living seminars to individual clients.

What would you like to change within your organization, today, right now? What would you like to change in your life?

Begin with the end in mind, what outcome do you desire? What is the Vital Shift that will create it? Guiding you through the learning process and the steps to create what you truly want Is what we do at Vital Shift Consulting. Ready? Set? Take a step, then another with us.


Kate Moore inspires transformation. I experience the contagion of her buoyant attitude, the ease with which she sees possibilities and uses her keen intellect to navigate the easiest path forward, and her expansive invitation to explore as ongoing gifts. I've collaborated with her on several successful projects, and wherever she's touched down, people are wowed by the brilliant afterglow, the clarity of her communication and the map forward. I'm delighted to know Kate and consider her a deeply valued colleague.

Chief Executive Officer
Director of Training
The Hendricks Institute
The Foundation for Conscious Living