Kate Moore

S. Kate Moore
Founder and C.E.O.

Are you looking for a dynamic, positive, results-focused team to help you or your organization make some vital shifts? If you are, then Vital Shift Consulting can help you.

Vital Shift Consulting was founded and is directed by S. Kate Moore. Kate is an outstanding educator, facilitator and coach with over 20 years experience and proven expertise in helping organizations and individuals to make positive and transformative shifts. Her vision is to create a positive, safe environment where people focus on identifying opportunities and then making them come to life. Kate collaborates regularly with a network of dynamic and experienced professionals.

Kate has a love of learning and other cultures. She has worked, studied, volunteered and traveled in over 40 countries worldwide. Kate is bilingual (French and English) and also has a working knowledge of Spanish.

Kate has over two decades of leadership experience helping diverse teams excel in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Her past roles include independent Trainer and Consultant to corporations, Senior Business Transformation Consultant with a project management centre of excellence, Manager of the Multiculturalism Program with the federal government, Executive Director of the Ten Oaks Project, Facilitator with Skills for Change, Coordinator of Ryerson University’s International Services for Students and Director of Camp Allsaw and Youth Challenge International, Costa Rica.

Kate has chosen her personal development path in accordance with her vision. Her credentials include a Master of Arts in cultural geography from Université Laval, a Bachelor of Education from OISE/University of Toronto and a joint honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies and French from the University of Waterloo including a year of study at the Université de Nantes, France. She also has a background as a high performance athlete, filmmaker and wilderness guide and instructor.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of collaborating with Kate is her focus on transformation. As a certified Leadership and Transformation Graduate through the Hendricks Institute, Kate is qualified and experienced in helping organizations and individuals shift from their current state to their desired state. As well Kate draws on her training in neurolinguistic programming to help clients create positive change. She also has a background in project management that allows her to systematically and reliably collaborate to achieve the outcomes desired.

Kate enjoys spending time with her spouse, Manon, their daughter, Mira, and their extended family. Her favourite past times include exploring nature, playing sports, participating in cultural events and various volunteer pursuits.