Services for Individuals and Couples

Coaching and Group Seminars

Consulting and Coaching for Individuals and CouplesAre you creating what you want in your life? Are you living your life by design or by default?

Kate offers individual coaching, couples coaching and seminars on conscious living.

As a client of Kate’s, you will be guided on a journey to identify what you want and given techniques to create it. Here are some of the outcomes achieved by past clients with Kate’s coaching:

  • Learning to thrive and be at peace in busy, demanding settings
  • Strengthening your leadership skills and ability to foster high performing teams
  • Increasing harmony in personal and professional relationships
  • Increasing well-being and fitness
  • Creating new employment and businesses
  • Achieving life dreams and goals
  • Shifting from criticism in relationships to appreciation
  • Letting go of drama in relationships and embracing connection and communication

Kate offers seminars in the city as well as weekend retreats. Our courses include:

  • Conscious Living
  • Manifesting What You Want in Your Life
  • Discovering and Expanding Your Genius
  • Celebrating What’s Right
  • From Intention to Reality
  • Heightening Communication and Connection
  • Shifting From Conflict to Creativity
  • Living Your Life by Design
  • Tapping Into Your Body Wisdom
  • Finding Peace in Chaos
  • Embracing Change with Ease

You have the option of registering as an individual for our course offerings or, if you have a group, Kate can design and deliver a seminar that is customized to fit your needs and timeline.

Kate is a life-long learner. She draws on techniques and approaches from many disciplines in her coaching. Kate is a certified Leadership and Transformation Graduate from the Hendricks Institute and also has training in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

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